About Joyce

I spent the early part of my career in large organizations working as a senior consultant for Deloitte and a marketing rep for IBM. From there, I shifted direction to work with several smaller, start-up companies -- all of which were acquired by Fortune 500 companies. These acquisitions gave me a birds-eye view of the disruptive career impact of organizational change.

Intermixed with conventional employment, I’ve enjoyed success through freelance projects and entrepreneurial ventures. At one time, I ran an SAT tutoring business, consulted to career outplacement firms, and worked as an independent sales person for The Highlands Company (Highlands Ability Battery™).   Now, at the helm of DefiningNEXT, I weave all these experiences together to provide insight and guidance to my clients.

I live in Atlanta, Georgia, and really love it. It's booming now and a great place to find opportunities whether you want to own your business or desire to work for a big company.  But I  also do remote coaching for those of you elsewhere in the country.

Finding a path that energizes and motivates you can feel overwhelming; you don’t have to do it alone! If you are a high potential individual who is struggling to find your Best Career Fit, I can help you through assessment, coaching and a proven process. Clients from across the US and Canada hire me to gain clarity and confidence in decision making, develop and implement a strategic job search, and/or improve job performance and satisfaction. I offer a structured five-part process to guide clients toward Defining and Achieving your goals.

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