Career compass

DEVELOP SELF-AWARENESS through a combination of comprehensive assessments and thought-provoking exercises that will immediately energize you.  When you complete this program, you will have two or three career options to explore that fit your authentic self.

Career transition 

EXPLORE options that fit your authentic self.  FOCUS on the one option that you're the most energized about.  TAKE ACTION by executing the plan we work on together, the goal being you land in the career/job that's truly best for you.

career empowerment

Once you've landed in the right place, MANAGE your career proactively through on-going coaching related to life-work balance, relationships, and expanding your knowledge base. Use me as an advocate to help you stay true to your goals, maintain a happy and healthy life, and celebrate your achievements.



discovery package

Using the Highlands Ability Battery™, Strong Interest Inventory®,  and Knowdell Values & Skills, students discover which college majors and careers fit well with who they are.

abilities assessment

Comprehensive online test (Highlands Ability Battery™)  that measures your innate abilities. Includes a two-hour one-on-one feedback session to interpret your results and start creating a viable road map for your future.

Strong interest inventory workshop

Geared toward college-prep students to help identify how their interests and personal style can influence their choice of college and major.

highlands discovery workshop

Taught in groups, students examine potential academic and career paths based on their abilities.